Color Determination in Imaging


Jon says he is “guilty of being an engineer”.  And so, astro-imaging is perfect: how does the universe work? How does all this gear work?  How can we get this gear to capture the universe? And what does “right” look like?  “It’s too much fun” he says, and it starts with understanding our eyes and ironically, how to fool them. Jon recently retired from HP where he was a Technology Fellow. Jon worked in commercial printing, high end monitor/TV designs, and projectors among other things.  Along the way, color science and imaging was often core to the efforts.  Jon found that much of the “day-job” helped with the astro-imaging and occasionally vice-versa. Accurate color has been a long term passion for both his day and night activities.

Jon also took a sabbatical some years back to work at the observatories in Hawaii. At 14,000 feet the universe is awesome and imaging is serious business. His first OSP was 1997.  Conveniently, Jon lives in Oregon and so he’s been a regular OSP attendee for more than 20 years.  And if his other hobby is a bit odd (refurbishing steam locomotives), it’s still about “how things work” and getting it right.  Very right.  At least our telescopes don’t usually explode if we get something wrong.