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August 3-8, 2021

OSP 2021 registration is now open.

Early registration will close on June 27. 

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COVID is responsible for the deaths of close to 600,000 Americans and long-term health consequences for millions more. Although vaccination and improved medical care have eased the consequences of the pandemic, it is not behind us.  With the increased number of vaccinations, we can gather more people in a physical space more safely now.  OSP will continue enforcing safe practices so that we can enjoy our dark skies astronomy and not be part of the continuing problem.  The OSP COVID Plan will be available from a link in the registration process for your review. You must click that you have reviewed the plan in order to complete your registration process.    

Much of what we’ve all come to know and love about OSP will be the same for this year’s star party. But COVID restrictions and the effects of the pandemic will require that some things be different. Specifically:

  • We recommend that anyone attending OSP 2021 be fully vaccinated, but with the personal and political aspects of getting vaccinated we will not be able to enforce vaccination or use it as a basis for relaxing our COVID rules.
  • Masks will be required whenever you are in an OSP-managed public area (tents, vendor area, showers, etc).
  • There will be no food service or espresso cart as those vendors are not available this year.
  • Due to severe reductions in vendor donations, our Door Prize events will be only for Youth and Volunteers. There will be no general adult door prize event.
  • All tents will have at least 50% of their wall space open to improve ventilation, including during speaker presentations
  • Some Adult and Youth Tent activities will be scaled back. 

OSP recommends that everyone attending OSP 2021 be fully vaccinated, but even with proof of vaccination we are requiring that attendees read and agree to follow our OSP 2021 COVID Plan.

The Oregon Star Party Committee.

You can view and/or download a copy of our COVID-19 plan and rules here:

Read the current Director Team newsletter.

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet