OSP Rules/Guidelines

In order to make everyone’s time here safe and comfortable, we ask participants to review and respect the rules for this event.  Oregon Star Party is located on Forest Service lands, all attendees, vendors, volunteers need to adhere to conditions for use.  The hill and prairie that the site is located on is treeless, so there is limited shade.  It can be hot during the day and mild too cold during the night.  However, there have been monsoon type downpours, lightning, and dust devils powerful enough to lift tents, canopies, ice chests and telescopes.

FIRE- Fire safety is our #1 concern and everyone must adhere to the following:

  • Only propane or white gas camp stoves and propane BBQ’s are allowed.  All stoves must be set upon a sturdy table or tailgate. No open fires or charcoal briquettes are not allowed!  We ask attendees to report any open fires to any OSP Staff Member.
  • Due to the high fire danger this year, smoking (including E-cigarettes) is permitted only in an enclosed vehicle/trailer.
  • Marijuana – Oregon Star Party takes place on federal forest land therefore marijuana is against the law as a misdemeanor offense.
  • Forest Service Regulations require that you bring a shovel, an ax, and an extra five gallons of water dedicated for fire suppression.


  • PETS

Please above all else, Be courteous to all your neighbors near and far.   Please treat the land with respect.   And above all, have fun and enjoy the skies.

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet