Apr 21

OSP Director Team Newsletter — April 2021

OSP Starry Night

Greetings from you OSP Director Team, This is our second off-season update on the status of OSP 2021.  Like our January update, we remain optimistic that OSP 2021 will indeed happen.  We are working through some setbacks and contingencies, but we remain very optimistic that we will have a star party during the August 3rd – 8th time frame […]

Feb 25

Early Registration Upcoming — Late May

Early registration for Oregon Star Party 2021 is tentatively scheduled for late May. We will update this page as we come closer to registration day. Upon registration opening time we will publish the registration link on the OSP home page. Stay tuned!

Feb 25

Looking For Volunteers — Late May

It may not be surprising, but the Oregon Star Party would not be possible without the incredible effort of our volunteers. Every year, OSP comes and ends with a resounding success. And every year, a small battalion composed of committee members and other volunteers generously give their time to prepare for our special week of […]

Feb 4

OSP Director Team Newsletter — January 2021

OSP Starry Night

Greetings. We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. Now that the holidays are over and winter is in full swing, it’s time to think of good times ahead. What could be more inspiring on a cold, wet winter night than to think of clear dark skies with our scopes pointed skyward surrounded by astronomy […]