May 14

OSP Director Team Newsletter – May 2022

Registration for OSP 2022 is officially is open. Please use the following link to register: 

2022 OSP Registration.

Spring rains and snow have been higher than normal for the area, so we are very hopeful for a successful OSP2022.  The good news continues in that, unlike everything else in the US, all of our registration fee prices are the same as they were for 2019… no inflation here!  

Early registration will stay open through June.  After June 30th attendees will have to register on-site after they arrive (at an increased rate of $150 per person) with no option to pre-order apparel, so register early and save $$$.

After registering, please also go to our Volunteer Sign-up tool at 

2022 Oregon Star Party Volunteering

It takes a lot to put a 500-person star party together, and even more to make it work on a day-to-day basis.  We could not do it without the staunch volunteering support we’ve had from attendees and your continued support is needed and greatly appreciated!

There are a couple of changes to the star party from what you’ll recall from past years. 

  1. The biggest change for 2022 is that we will not offer pre-sold meals.  Our food and espresso vendors are no longer in business and we have not yet found replacements.  We are continuing to look for a-la-carte vendors and we will keep the OSP Web Page updated as this situation changes.
  2. The second change is that we haven’t gotten the same level of vendor and provider donations that we enjoyed in the past years.  This will likely impact the adult door prize raffle in 2022.   We still plan to hold youth and volunteer raffles.

See you July 26th – 31st!

Bill Carberry – OSP Director

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