Download directions to Oregon Star Party

We strongly suggest that you follow these directions and NOT GPS. Using GPS will likely direct you to travel on undesirable roads

Travel east out of Prineville on State Highway #26.

(Start) Zero your trip meter at the Forest Service Headquarters at the east end of town. Stay on Hwy 26 eastbound for approximately 14 miles.

(A) Turn right onto the Ochoo Ranger Station Road. Zero your trip meter again and travel 8.4 miles until you come to a “Y” in the road just past the Big Summit Ranger Station.

(B) Zero trip meter again, stay right on NFS 42 and go 19 miles east to NFS 4240.

(C) Zero your trip meter again, Turn right onto NFS 4240 and proceed south for 2.7 miles.

(D) Zero your trip meter again, Turn right onto NFS 800 and go 1.5 miles west on NFS 800

(Finish) you are now at the center of OSP.


Oregon Star Party GRID LOCATION Map

OSP Panorama