OSP Artwork Contest & Registration

We have selected our artwork for the 2019 OSP Artwork Contest. Congratulations to Carolyn Nissen for having her artwork selected for this year’s OSP! We wish to thank everyone who entered this year’s contest.

OSP Art 2019
Courtesy of Carolyn Nissen, our OSP Artwork Contest winner

Look for OSP registration to open up some time this April. Keep an eye on your inbox for the announcement!

Annual Artwork Contest

This is your chance to win free registration to the 2019 Oregon Star Party. The Oregon Star Party is seeking artwork for next year’s apparel. Winners will also receive a t-shirt with the winning design – yours!

For details and specifics, please read the Artwork Contest document below. Entry deadline is midnight,  January 10,  2019.

Questions? Please email directors@oregonstarparty.org.

Artwork Contest 2019 – Details & Release

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet