Again this year we have a large number of objects on the list to try, including many Caldwell items.  Objects for this year are intended to be interesting, but for the most part not repeat items in recent prior lists (with the exception of the ice giant planets).  There is a wide variety to choose from, including different temperature stars and pairs, open and globular clusters, nebulae and galaxies.  Some are fairly challenging, others somewhat easier to find but hopefully just as interesting and rewarding to see.

Though you are encouraged to try them all, to receive the OSP Intermediate list observer pin you must observe and record at least 20 of the listed objects while you are here at OSP.  A short description of each object is required and object sketches are strongly encouraged.  Sketch double stars noting West  (drift direction) or North.  (Recommended for all sketches).  Visual observations are encouraged but goto and image enhancers (photography) are permitted at OSP for the Intermediate List award.  Each objects page number in the popular Sky and Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas (PSA) is listed as well (or the page it would be on if it were there) to help with location.  

When finished, bring your record of observations to the Observing Program table next to the Information Tent to receive your pin. Please check the information tent for updates on when the Observing Program table will be staffed, and where it is going to be for the next session.  Typically it will be manned later in the afternoon.

2022 Intermediate List