OSP 2022

Volunteers will receive one raffle ticket for the volunteer door prize drawings for each shift worked.

Did you attend Oregon Star Party in previous years? Did you enjoy yourself? Please support your favorite star party with a few easy 2-hour shifts. Your efforts will help make sure things run smoothly!

Oregon Star Party is run exclusively by volunteers, without whom OSP wouldn’t be the fun event it is each year. Our volunteers are very important to us, and we appreciate all the work they do each year.

Please check out the positions and time slots:

  • Click on the link to volunteer sign-up page shown below
  • Browse the available positions and time slots scheduled during the week of OSP
  • Select the positions and (2-hour) shifts you’d like to work, enter your name and email address
  • Confirmation notifications will be sent to you

Volunteer Sign-up Page

Please  contact the OSP Volunteer Coordinator  with any questions.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Trailer Loading & Reg. Packet Collating

Generally Week Before OSP

Work with committee members loading the trailer, collating registration packets, organizing t-shirts, testing radios, and other important tasks. Many hands make light work. After the work is done, join us for pizza!

Activities Tent Tech on call

Assist Activities Tent team members as needed with set up, clean up, errands, and other tasks. Assist Speakers with microphones and sound equipment. Expertise with sound equipment and computers is required.

Information Tent Assistant

Answer questions about OSP activities, lost & found, OSP message board. Sign volunteers in at the beginning of shifts, and out at the end of each shift. Direct questions regarding youth activities, adult and youth mentoring, observing lists, and first aid to the appropriate committee member. Manage crowd control, encourage people to take casual conversation outside of the tent. Keep cooler full of water bottles for volunteers filled.


Respond on the fly to needs that may come up unexpectedly. Fill in for open volunteer positions. Stationed in Info Tent and reports to Info Tent committee member in charge. If everything is running smoothly you’ll sit in the info tent and shoot the breeze. Prepare to work.

Registration Tent Assistant

Assist with checking in and registering new arrivals. Greet attendees and answer questions as needed. Registration Tent shirts in charge will assign volunteers to specific registration tent positions of T-shirt Puller, Packet Puller, and Registration Check-in.

Registration Tent – Apparel Sales

Assist Registration Tent coordinator with sale of apparel on Saturday morning. Set out apparel, help with individual sales, monitor line-up of customers.

Entry Gate Greeter

Greet guests at stop sign.  Review parking instructions, camping guidelines, and 5 mph speed limit information to visitors. Coordinate arrival information with Registration Tent. Offer copies of site map to arrivals, for initial campsite selection. Resolve initial arrival/camping issues with diplomacy, tact, and a good understanding of the workings of OSP.

Entry Gate Greeter Assistant

Assist Gate Entry Greeter with managing gate traffic.

Greeter, stationed at the 800 & 802 Junction

Of primary importance is to minimize traffic and speed. Stop every vehicle going in and out on the 802 road. Make sure that new arrivals stop at the Registration Tent to check in. Provide camping and parking guidelines, especially for drivers of RV’s, trailers, and conversions. Remind drivers of speed limit. Offer copies of site map.

Photographer’s Assistant

Assist photographer with crowd control before and during Saturday afternoon’s group photo.

Shower Truck Ticket Collector

Collect tickets at shower truck. Remind people of shower truck rules (available on checklist). Direct people to Information and Registration Tents to purchase tickets. This position requires an early morning shift on Wednesday through Saturday mornings.

Ice Trailer

Collect Ice tickets at the Ice trailer. Remove bags of ice from trailer. This is the coolest job at OSP!

Site Setup

Prior to the start of Oregon Star Party, help with greeting early arrivals, sign placement, and set up of tent interiors. The sign-up form lists the times as 10-4. It’s not really a 6-hour shift — it’s done on a task-by-task basis.

Site Breakdown

On Sunday morning, take down signs, pack tent interiors. Help load the trailer. Walk the OSP site and collect litter. Other tasks as needed.

Swap meet setup/teardown

Work with committee member in charge – arrange tables & chairs for the swap meet. Assist in enforcing the “No sales before 11:00” rule. (Personal protective equipment provided – lol)

Youth/Adult Telescope Mentor

Work with youth and adults at Telescope Park. Show guests how to find objects to observe and how to use a Dobsonian telescope. Friendliness, and a good basic knowledge of the night sky and how to use a Dob are required.

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet