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Download directions to Oregon Star Party

Usually the hardest part about attending the Oregon Star Party might be dealing with the heat, dust, or finding deep sky objects for an observing pin.  This year might be different.  The solar eclipse is expected to bring throngs of people from all over the world to Central Oregon.  The traffic from eclipse enthusiast will likely overwhelm the road system.  To help you out we’ve created a new directions document.

The new document provides the same directions for the main route into Oregon Star Party.  But since Symbiosis, with its 30,000 attendees, will be using the same route in to the area we figured we needed to provide an alternative route into the site.  The alternate route will take you through Paulina, Little Summit Prairie and then Big Summit Prairie.  It is longer, by 47 miles, but you still might save time taking this route if traffic jams back up commutes to 3 or 4 hours.

In addition to the alternate route to OSP, we have provides alternative routes from Bend and Redmond to Prineville to help you deal with the traffic on Hwy 126 and Hwy 26.

So consider your options.  Check tripcheck (tripcheck.ocm).  Keep your sense of humor.  Finally, use the directions provided at the following link.  They are exceptionally accurate.

One warning, Relying on a navigational systems can lead you to OSP on roads that are much less desirable.

Clear Skies,

The Oregon Star Party Committee


Excellent dark skies – central Oregon – 5000 feet