vendors & donors

Vendors and Donors

The organizing committee of the Oregon Star Party would like to invite you to participate in the 2016 OSP as a door-prize donor and vendor.

We strive to assure that each of you who participate in the OSP, through door prize contributions or as an on-site booth vendor, will have a successful outcome to maximize exposure of your company’s products and services.

Note: Oregon Star Party does not supply vendors with tents, tables, chairs or water barrels. If you require these items, please contact Elevation Tents. If you order early and arrange to have them delivered with the OSP supplies, a saving on the delivery charge may apply.

Please  contact OSP Vendor/Donor Coordinator Candace Pratt here  with any questions.

2017 Vendors and Donors

Donor &/or Vendor Website Vendor Door Prize Donor
Equatorial Platforms x  x
Optical Structures, Inc.  x  x
Wa—chur-ed Observatory  x  x
Zing Wings Barry Lawrence  x  x
Solarwinds Studio Jewelry x  x
Five Star Optical Supply  x  x
Oregon x  x
Hulan Fleming Studios x  x

Aurora Precision  x  x

Cosmic Fiber Arts Madeleine Shultice

 x  x

Sun River Nature Center and Observatory  x  x

Hubble Optics  x  x

Binocliners  Bryan Reich

 x  x

Spectrum Telescope x  x

Celestron  x

Tele Vue x

Orion Telescope & Binoculars, Inc. x
 Willman-Bell, Inc.  x
 Explore Scientific, LLC  x

Sky and Telescope  x

OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry x

David Chandler Co., Inc.  x

Kalmbach Publishing – Astronomy Magazine  x

Oregon Star Party Committee  x

Astronomical Society of the Pacific  x

2016 Vendors and Donors

Donor &/or Vendor Website Vendor Door Prize Donor
Wa-chur-ed Observatory x
Eugene Astronomical Society x
Explore Scientific, LLC x
Astronomy Magazine – Kalmbach Publishing x
Equatorial Platforms – Tom Osypowski x x
David Chandler Company x
Five Star Optical Supply LLC x x
Aurora Precision x x

 Knightware, LLC x

Willmann-Bell, Inc. x

Oregon Star Party Committee x

Sky & Telescope Magazine x

Mr. Star Guy & Vixen x


Sunriver Nature Center  x

Tele Vue, Inc. x

Zing Wings


Orion Telescope & Binoculars, Inc. x

Excellent dark skies – central Oregon – 5000 feet