Published: 7/20/2014 12:09AM

Earlier this afternoon, the Ochoco National Forest issued the following statement:

The Ochoco National Forest has issued an area closure that encompasses all National Forest system lands from Forest Road 42, along both the north and south forest boundary to Highway 26 on the west, with additional acreage north of the Mill Creek Wilderness. See the attached map and closure order for clarification and additional details.

There are several active wildfires within this area closure and fire managers ask that the public respect these closures for their safety and the safety of firefighters who will be working in the area. This order will be in place until rescinded.

This means that Indian Trail Spring, where Oregon Star Party takes place, is closed until further notice.

The directors of Oregon Star Party want to emphasize that the star party is still scheduled take place this year. We are continuing to work closely with the National Forest Service and federal and local fire officials for quick updates and clarity on the conditions. Updates will be posted on Facebook, the Oregon Star Party website, Oregon Star Party forum, and Cloudy Nights forum. The committee is doing everything possible to reinforce our dedication to the safety of everyone attending Oregon Star Party.

We are tremendously grateful to the fire fighters and everyone else involved in battling the wildfires not only in the Ochoco National Forest, but also throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their dedication and hard work is deeply appreciated and we hope for their continued safety.

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