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We Appreciate Our Vendors and Donors


The Oregon Star Party planning committee, along with its attendees, would like to thank donors and vendors who contribute their time and merchandise in making Oregon Star Party an annual, premier amateur astronomy event in the Pacific Northwest.

While our dark skies, mile-high elevation and on-site services create the exceptional foundation for the OSP, our donors and vendors contribute immeasurably to the overall richness and impact of the event. Without their participation, our star party would not be at the caliber it is.

We want each vendor and/or donor that participates in OSP, through door prize contributions or as an on-site booth vendor, to have a successful outcome and maximum exposure of their company’s products and services. Please take a moment and stop by the onsite vendors and drop an email to donors, who aren’t able to attend, to let them know you appreciate their involvement in OSP.

If you would like more information about becoming a vendor at OSP or if you would like to be a donor, please send our Donor/Vendor Coordinator an email from the Contact Us page.

Thank you,
The Oregon Star Party

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