level 2 – intermediate list

This is the intermediate list for 2018. To receive the OSP Level 2 Observing pin and certificate, you must observe at least 14 of the objects listed below, while at OSP.  A short description of each object is required.   Double stars observed must be sketched with north at the top.   Sketch at least 1 galaxy pair or group.   Most objects should be visible with an 8” scope.  Go-to and image enhancers (photography) are permitted at OSP for the OSP award.  An LA or IE will be placed on the award certificate and on the OSP web site.  See the PSA column or Ur2 column for page numbers for the Pocket Sky Atlas or Uranometria 2000.  Objects with no PSA page will be more difficult.  You should be able to find a description of most objects in The Night Sky Observer’s Guide.  Challenge objects will require extra preparation.  When finished, bring the list to the Information Tent to receive your OSP Observing Award certificate and pin for level 2.

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet