level 1 – beginner list

The best way to enjoy the unique beauty of the dark skies at Oregon Star Party is to view bright deep sky objects, colorful double stars, and planets through a telescope.  The objects listed are easily visible in telescopes of any size – perfect for those who are just getting started.  To receive the OSP Level 1 Observer pin and award certificate, you must observe and record at least 20 of the 25 listed objects while you are at OSP.   As an added reference, each object’s page number in the popular Sky and Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas is listed in the right-hand column.

All of the objects listed below are visible between sunset and midnight during the star party. Go-to telescopes and image enhancers (photography) are not permitted for the OSP Level 1 award.  You may get assistance in locating objects on star charts or through other finders, but you must locate the objects in your telescope yourself.  Looking through a scope, in which the object is already sighted, is not acceptable.  While a sketch of the object is preferred, it is not necessary to obtain the award.  Instead, you may provide a good description.  When finished, bring your record of observations to the Information Tent to receive your pin for level 1.

Note: Use high magnification to separate the members of multiple star systems and don’t forget to look for color.  In contrast, some objects are best viewed at low magnifications and wide fields of view.  So it might be better to observe some of these objects through binoculars.

Excellent dark skies in Central Oregon – 5000 feet